Fully on Campus

How it works

All students in the class meet with the instructor in the classroom as a single group at every scheduled class meeting. Class size and layout of the room will be adjusted to allow for adequate physical distancing.

How it appears in the catalog

The course catalog will show one section for your course and it will be tagged On-Campus.

I have health and safety concerns in the classroom. What guidance can you provide to protect me and my students?

The CalArts Returns microsite will be launching later this summer and will include specific information about this. For metier-specific parameters you should also consult with your school.

What other considerations should I keep in mind if I’m teaching a fully on-campus course this fall?

Given that campus reopening plans are somewhat fluid, it is advised that all faculty prepare a remote contingency plan to ensure you can continue teaching your course if the campus closes, or if one of your students needs to quarantine and cannot attend your classes in person. Review the Remote Emergency Preparation Checklist and determine what steps you can take now to prepare in advance.

It is advisable to use Learn in tandem with your on-campus teaching, i.e., to share your syllabus, post readings and resources, and so on, so students are familiar with the platform from the start of the semester.

You are welcome to sign up for the provided training course, Faculty Training for Teaching Online.