Non-course Based Graduation Requirements for Spring 2020

School of Art (2020 only)

For spring 2020 the faculty waive the expectation that a final project be presented in a physical space, or before a committee of faculty. Instead, students will present documentation of current and past work, along with a written statement of intent. Students will work with their mentors and program faculty to discuss the best format for this documentation, given the nature of the work, and the student’s access to specific tools. A graduation review will be scheduled through Zoom, to include at least two faculty members, and a written report will be drawn up and circulated through Hub Helper, to be approved by mentor and dean. Scheduling of these reviews will begin the week of April 13, and continue through the end of the semester.

To ensure that we are able to complete all graduation reviews in time, the responsibility of conducting mid-res reviews will fall directly to program faculty, who will forward reports to the Review Coordinator so that they can be uploaded to the Hub Helper page for approvals.

The School is committed to finding some way to enable all graduating students affected by this to have an exhibition of their work, either on campus or at some other location, once it is safe to do so. Details on this will be planned and discussed, with the students, over the coming months.

Critical Studies: Mid-Residency, Graduate Reviews and Thesis Defenses

MA and MFA mid res reviews, graduate reviews and the thesis defenses will take place over zoom, or telephone and will proceed according to the regular schedule.

The hard copy deadline of your required thesis submissions to the library will be extended, possibly with new procedures to facilitate those submissions. Sara and Tisa are coordinating with Marisa Mendez-Brady, and will be in touch soon with more information. 

We are also currently reviewing ways in which any requests for graduate review and thesis defense extensions may be accommodated.

School of Film/Video, Spring 2020

Graduation Reviews: As of March 11, 2020, remaining Spring 2020 Graduation Reviews in all programs will be held remotely. See program-specific guidelines for graduation below. 

The School of Film/Video intends to find ways to enable graduating students affected by the COVID-19 campus closure to finish and exhibit their thesis projects. Details of exhibitions, facility access and equipment access will be planned and discussed with the students over the coming months. While these plans may not be precise substitutes for the access they would have received typically, the School of Film/Video will do its best to support the completion of all thesis projects.

Exhibition: The School of Film/Video is committed to finding a way to enable all Spring 2020 graduates affected by the COVID-19 campus closure to have an exhibition of their thesis work, either on campus or at some other location, once it is safe to do so. This includes screenings, installations, and performances.  

Technical Facilities: The School of Film/Video is committed to finding a way to support Spring 2020 graduates who need access to its facilities to finish thesis projects they were unable to complete during this time of closure. These facilities may include production studios, computer labs, installation spaces, post-production facilities, videographics, etc. Most likely, these projects would have to be completed during the summer and early fall, before the needs of students enrolled in Fall 2020 begin accelerating. 

Equipment Access: The School of Film/Video aims to provide access to equipment for Spring 2020 graduates’ thesis projects, as health and safety guidelines permit. This includes loaning computers and technical accessories; cage equipment check-out; and production support services. If we don’t have sufficient equipment to meet need, the dean and program directors will prioritize thesis projects based on their relationship to curricular requirements and their dependency on the School’s equipment. 

The Program in Film and Video
MFA: The thesis project is usually required to be exhibition-ready, including mixed sound, color correction and/or answer print. For Spring 2020 graduates, faculty will waive these technical requirements. 
BFA: Graduation requirements do not change, as a thesis project is not required for degree completion.

Film Directing Program
The MFA thesis project is usually required to be exhibition-ready including picture lock, mixed sound and titles. For Spring 2020 graduates, faculty will waive these technical requirements. 

Experimental Animation Program
BFA & MFA: Students will be recommended for graduation if their body of work is substantial and completion of the thesis project is imminent.

Character Animation
No adjustments needed for Spring 2020. Graduation reviews are complete. Character Animation hopes to offer some opportunities for sound mixes in Fall 2020 to students who were unable to mix their films in Spring 2020.

School of Music

This is about non-course-based graduation requirements, like recitals, portfolio reviews, juries, and so on. It’s primarily addressed to students expected to graduate in May 2020. 

Our priority is to make sure students can graduate on time and with the same credentials they have been working for all along, even during this time of remote instruction due to “social distancing” mandates. 

Graduation Recitals HASOM’s approach to this is two-layered in this way. 

Layer One Students will work with their mentors and primary lesson teachers to develop plans to show that they have achieved adequate competency in performance skills to be given credit for their recital requirements. This could take place in a myriad of ways and would be customized for each student. Some examples could include: making recordings and/or videos with whatever technical means are available (even just using smart phones), live streaming on something like Instagram, demonstrating performance skills over Zoom or other media, or whatever each student and their faculty can come up with that works for this purpose. In this way, students can receive credit for their recital requirements and graduate on time. Our Specialization Directors are confident that it will be easy for most students to demonstrate the performance competencies we are looking for, because the faculty know students well and have already observed them performing in many different contexts. 

Layer Two We are aware how important it is for students to present their work to their peers and wider audiences. We are also aware how valuable audio/video documentation is for students. To serve those ends, we are looking for ways to invite students who will have graduated in May, but who were unable to present their live events during this time of closure, to come back when it becomes possible to present their work in ways that come as close as possible to their original intentions. One idea being discussed is for CalArts to put on a kind of festival of this work in the early fall. It would not be required, but would offer an opportunity for the work to be more broadly shown. We are looking into the possibility of collaborating with other L.A. venues as well, and even some venues we sometimes collaborate with in other cities where we have strong alumnx bases. 

Portfolio Reviews Our Specialization Directors are confident that these reviews can take place as normally scheduled via Zoom meetings. We encourage students to present their portfolios as websites, as well, because we want them to develop the skills necessary to promote themselves after graduation. 

Juries Again, we believe that juries can also proceed with remote communication tools. Our faculty members believe in working out the best plans for this according to the circumstances of each individual student. 

Mid-Residence Recitals Since these recitals would not be for students graduating in May, we will offer the option to postpone them and reschedule them in the fall. If, for some important reasons, a student needs to present a Mid-Residence Recital this spring, faculty will work out special plans for that student. 

Technical Facilities When it is possible to reopen the campus to students, HASOM is considering a plan to accept proposals from already graduated students who need access to technical facilities to complete and document a curriculum-based project they were unable to complete during this time of closure. For example, these facilities may include recording studios, computer media studios, Wave Cave, Machine Lab, electronic labs, etc. Most likely these projects would have to be completed during the early fall, before the needs of students enrolled at that time begin accelerating. 

School of Dance and School of Theater-- Conducting reviews as usual through remote means

School of Theater 

Non-Course Requirements and Events Plan of Action Spring 2020

With the transition to remote learning, the CalArts School of Theater Executive
Committee has reviewed all non-course requirements for the Spring 2020 semester and
determined the following plans of action.

Graduating Actors Showcase // Monday, March 23
The showcase exists online, and we are directing attendees and industry professionals there to access
students’ work. After the successful presentation of the New York showcase, the feasibility of
rescheduling the LA showcase is being examined.

WDI CalArts Educational Initiative // March/April 2020
Continuing students will be given priority for the 2021 Initiative. Graduating students have been invited to
submit resumes for upcoming internships and opportunities within Walt Disney Imagineering.

Performance Viewings // Monday, April 27 - Friday, May 1
Classes have been extended through this week.

D&P Curricular Portfolio Review // Wednesday, May 6 and Monday, May 11
CalArts Expo & Invited / Industry Portfolio Review // Thursday, May 7
Faculty are working with their students to review/present their work online. Students who wish to share
their work online will be included on our Portfolio Review website. We will direct attendees and industry
professionals there to access students' work.
National Design Portfolio Review (New York Design Meeting) // Friday, May 22
NDPR is in the process of creating a virtual event, consisting of a website featuring students' work, a
virtual convocation, scheduled appointments with professional guests, and group online critiques.
School of Theater Projects //
Uncle Vanya // Thurs, March 19 - Friday, March 27
Caligula // Friday, April 17 - Saturday, April 25
The Labyrinth // Wednesday, April 22 - Saturday, April 25
Future presentations/iterations to be determined. We will take each project on a case by case basis and
determine which can proceed - whether in some capacity virtually, or in person over the Summer/Fall

CNP Projects //
rasgos asiáticos // Thursday, March 19 - Sunday, March 22
Future presentation/iteration to be determined. CNP staff are in discussion with the artists and venue on
potential dates and details.

Scene with Cranes // Monday, May 11 – Saturday, May 23

Workshop will be rescheduled for later in the Summer/Fall. REDCAT presentation will likely be

D&P Reviews // Monday, May 4 - Wednesday, May 13
These reviews will now take place online Monday, May 11 - Thursday, May 14. Faculty and students will
be able to participate fully.
Performance Reviews // Monday, May 4 - Wednesday, May 13
These reviews will now take place online Monday, May 4 - Wednesday, May 13. Faculty and students will
be able to participate fully.