About the Prize

The Tim Disney Prize for Excellence in the Storytelling Arts is a $2,500 prize that is awarded annually to one continuing CalArts student whose originality, courage, and excellence in storytelling illustrates the human condition and uplifts the human spirit. The prize recognizes the courage and commitment to make the world a better place, and the originality to do it through the unique powers of gifted storytelling.

Current students can find more information about the Tim Disney Prize by visiting the Awards and Project Support page under Resources for Students on the Hub.

About Tim Disney

Through the Disney family–as the son of longtime Trustee Roy E. Disney and as the great-nephew of Walt Disney and grandson of Roy O. Disney, the co-founders of CalArts–Tim has an intrinsic bond with the Institute. He is deeply committed to the vision of CalArts as an interdisciplinary college of the arts, focused on educating the gifted students who will shape the future of art and culture. Tim has served with great distinction on the CalArts Board of Trustees since 1993 and was named Chairman of the Board in 2014.

The generous endowed support for The Tim Disney Prize comes from William Haney and Maura McCarthy.