The Herb Alpert School of Music Presents: Zach Rosenstiehl’s Mid-Residence Recital

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The mid-residence recital of Zach Rosenstiehl is a performance that consists of two parts:

The first half of the show entitled The Other Side of the Tradition consists of four of American folk songs from the African American diaspora, performed on and arranged for solo double bass with quotes from social science journals. The pieces are renditions of songs performed by Nina Simone, The Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1, Blind Willie Johnson, and Leadbelly.

The second half of the show entitled With Just Ourselves Before These Mighty Skies consists of four original songs each preceded by four original poems written by Zach Rosenstiehl. The poems are read by Jake Olson, Olivia Michael, Shireen Heidari-Bateni, and Brent Charles. This portion of the recital was recorded at The Farmer’s Alley Theatre in Kalamazoo, MI with Grayson Nye (piano and synthesizer), Kyle Burgess (alto sax), Josh Moran (guitar), and Daniel Gayden (drums).

A Zoom reception will begin after the performance viewing (around 6:30 pm PST).  After viewing this performance, please consider make a donation to the Black Arts Future Fund, an organization that provides general operating support for small Black-led arts and culture nonprofit projects: ⁠