To Be Young, Queer and Chinese at REDCAT

To Be Young, Queer and Chinese at REDCAT

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"[BJQFF] was a rare opportunity to see how a community under duress depends on the power of film and storytelling to help bring about change.” —Filmmaker Magazine

“The longest running of China’s film festivals.” —Radii China

Presented in collaboration with Love Queer Cinema Week (formerly Beijing Queer Film Festival, BJQFF)

Love Queer Cinema Week was founded in 2001 by university students as the first LGBTQ film festival in mainland China. There it remains one of the few grassroots events involved in independent queer film screenings and cultural exchange, providing a platform for sexual and other minorities worldwide. It has hosted international guests, offered travel grants to young Chinese participants. It has created ties with queer film festivals/events in Brazil, Belgium, Italy and Denmark, and the Berlinale Teddy Awards. Often harassed by the authorities and forced to change locations, the festival has survived as a site of resistance for social, cultural and artistic fluidity. Three festival organizers will hold a panel discussion on the evolution of queer media in China. Also: screening of Popo Fan’s The Drum Tower (Gu Lou Xi, 2019) and others.

In person, via Zoom: Curator on Duty Jenny Man Wu (rotating position), committee members Yang Yang and Popo Fan