taisha paggett: 'com.pleats.we (housecoat)'

taisha paggett: 'com.pleats.we (housecoat)'

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A palimpsest of real and invented realities, taisha paggett’s com.pleats.we (housecoat) aims to be a living and moving score and endurance mediation on our current times, in which the artist passes through pedestrian and non-pedestrian tasks, online public and “non-public” encounters, and different performative ontologies rooted in her daily life and ongoing research into botany, experimental anatomy, and the complicated aliveness of both Black collectivity and solitude. Under the surveillance of a 24/7 livestream, paggett will inhabit and thus domesticate the professional site of REDCAT and, across those 240 hours, perhaps also domesticate the lens that has commanded such a central role in most of our lives of late. In doing so, she hopes to offer a space for reflection on and interrogation of what has become our accidental new normal: a strange flattening and twisting of the public/private, the domestic/workplace, the professional/the vulnerable, the worker/the householder, and more.