Stacey Moran - Matter, Mind and Materialism: Constructivism and the Real

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With the acceleration of epistemological, technological and discursive platforms in the science/capital dyad, how can the interfaces between mind and world, reality and the real, be thought and confronted? Whilst the intersection between language and materiality can be seen to complicate such analyses, the task of comprehending the complexity of materiality and language via science and capital is necessary if we are  to respond to the ideological formations (the mind-world relations) it produces. This task is essential when we are faced with the contemporary injunction to think in the negative frames of “injustice” and the primacy of the ‘unbound’, whilst at the same time, witnessing the reinforcement of a new materialist politics of affirmation. In this context, it is hard to see how a reflexive interrogation of these conditions could shed light on what defines the impetus for construction today. Does it risk failing the project of a materialist ‘science’ by further entangling mind and capital? And, lastly,  is constructivism a pursuit of the good, the will to power, or the demands of surplus-enjoyment via a negative instantiation?  

Presentation Title: Fictionalizing what matters in quantum feminism

Stacey Moran is Assistant Professor in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the Department of English at Arizona State University. Her work lies at the intersections of feminist theory and technoscience, design studies, and critical pedagogy. Her current research investigates how methods in the physical sciences provide a foothold for thinking about the materiality of knowledge production. Moran is also Associate Director of the Center for Philosophical Technologies (CPT), a global hub for critical and speculative research on philosophy, technology and design. Through the CPT’s Global Education initiative, Moran directs a design summer school in the Netherlands, and collaborates with the Laboratory for Expanded Design (LxD). Moran’s research informs her creative practice as a member of the design collective, NON+ based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their work explores the relation between design, mythology and material practices.  

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