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Artistic Image/Scientific Imagination: Questions of the Political

Session 1 - Art and the Scientific Image: the Clash and Confluence of Natural and Mathematical Languages

Friday, April 23, 2021  |  10 am–1 pm PST 

Panelists: Bassam El Baroni, Fernando Zalamea, & Luciana Parisi
Moderator: Martin E. Rosenberg

If art, science and mathematics bear specific relations with both the idea of ‘reality in itself,’ and the reality that we perceive in an everyday sense, how do they speak to the internal dynamics of these two realities, and how do they speak to each other? Is there a hierarchy amongst these languages or disciplines? Can art think science; can science think art? Lastly, if art, science, and maths all require natural language to mediate and understand each other, is the space of language taken as given, or should we also address the norms, rules, and ideologies of mediation? 

Session 2 - Representations in Time: Art and the Politics of Scientific Imagination

Saturday, April 24, 2021  |  10 am–1 pm PST

Panelists: Anna Longo, Ida Soulard, & Thomas Moynihan 
Moderator: Daniel Sacilotto

If representations as items of knowledge are always “after the fact,” estranged from the march of time, how might these mediations articulate an emancipatory future? How do artistic and scientific images land in the political today–as knowledge, as destabilizations, as projects, as diagrams; as relativities or as a temporalities? If reality is incomplete and inconsistent, offering no pre-existing yardstick for image constructions to be measured against, then what forms of mediations are valued over others, and how is this measured and understood?  What role, if any, does self-conception as a form of representation obtain for art, science, and politics?