Sebastian Hernandez: HYPANTHIUM

Sebastian Hernandez: HYPANTHIUM

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“Sebastian Hernandez, the spirit of place, making place here now, like a club scene, their body brown in this space.” —riting 

“Powerful…sensual…walks shift into falls, slides and rapid turns and finish with a beautiful section of complex floorwork.” —LA Dance Chronicle

When Sebastian Hernandez premiered an early version of their high velocity movement performance Hypanthium in REDCAT’s NOW Festival, it was met with cheers and viral online responses. Now, the performance featuring visual contributions by artists like Rafa Esparza and Maria Meae has a full premiere at REDCAT. With sensuality, fierceness and hints of wry humor, three performers synthesize a pseudo kinship of queer femme moving bodies in Los Angeles, while recognizing the intensity of a hegemonic project that tries to assimilate them. Named for the part of a rose that holds nectar, Hypanthium is an experimental collage of actions and movements grappling with notions of sisterhood, space, power and survival amidst memories of ancestral trauma.