Queer Motions

Queer Motions

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Queer Motions brings together six queer shorts characterized by movement and a spirit of anarchy in a unique combination of pulsating, contagious energy and leisurely drag. Mobile protagonists transported by feet, cars, motorbikes, rollerskates, or trains navigate a range of mostly urban terrains in Bissau, New York, East Jerusalem, Nairobi, and other places, tracing pathways of freedom within occupied territories. Verging in tone from lightness to spirited irreverence, these shorts by Dawn Suggs, Amirah Tajdin, Eduardo Williams, Jumana Manna, and Lionel Soukaz exemplify resolutely queer, experimental approaches to form, especially volatile, frenzied, kinetic camerawork and verbal excess via polyphony, overlapping, discordant running commentaries, and poetic discourse.

Presented in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabi, and Thai with English subtitles.

The program is curated by Chrystel Oloukoï.