“Outside My Window: Black Beautiful Prologue” by Inobe

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CalArts Campus

WaveCave (Outside the doors) near ROD

Monday-Sunday, Feb. 11-17 

Reception: Feb. 14, 9:30 pm

I hear them all, the voices of my ancestors whispering on a wistful breeze
I heed them all, descending proverbs of wisdom amongst the falling leaves
Wispy, wandering, whirling winds whistle wonderfully through the trees

Inobe invites you to sit outside her window and look into the hopes and dreams of a remnant of great people who are woven together through trials and triumphs. This multimedia exhibit combines music, spoken word, visuals and textures to create a rich quilt that evokes the resilience of Black ancestors and projects the brilliance of Black America today.

Pause in the space for a while to internalize the sights, sounds, and silences. Inobe hopes to ignite your own personal discovery. Who, in your past, will you long to find? Where along your journey will you be directed next? What will you be inspired to explore? When will you embark and why will you never go back to being the same?

“Outside My Window: Black Beautiful Prologue” shows daily in the Wave Cave from Monday, Feb. 11 until Sunday, Feb. 17th. There will be a reception and a chance to speak with Inobe about the work on Feb. 14th from 9:30-11:30 pm. Come enjoy live performances in the space, and have some sweet treats. The exhibit serves as the introduction to Inobe’s MFA Graduate Recital “Black Beautiful” which premieres in the Roy O. Disney Concert Hall on Saturday, Feb. 23. At 8:00pm.