Latin Festival Broadcast Announcement

Latin Festival Broadcast Announcement

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Off Campus

LatinFest 2021 Student Showcase:

A space to enjoy live performances and or pre-recorded student works. Latine, Latinx music, or anything related. This event will feature presentations by CalArts Salsa Band, Anais Azul, Gabriela Padilla, Maya Paredes, Gema Castro, Manu Beker.

About LatinFest:

The LatinFest was born out of the need for representation and exposure of Latin American Art in our school and community. We seek to promote traditional art forms, but also challenge them and expose new ones. We strive for the decolonization of the arts, the mind, and the body. We question what it means to be Latinx. We confront embedded cultural issues such as machismo, xenophobia, and aporophobia.