CalArts School of Theater presents 'King Lear'

CalArts School of Theater presents 'King Lear'

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CalArts Campus

MOD Theater

Friday, Nov. 15, 8-11:10 pm (Reception to follow: 11:10 pm-12:30 am)
Saturday, Nov. 16, 2-5:10 pm, 8-11:10 pm
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 8-11:10 pm
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 8-11:10 pm
Thursday, Nov. 21, 8-11:10 pm
Friday, Nov. 22, 8-11:10 pm
Saturday, Nov. 23, 8-11:10 pm


A massive dust storm approaches, threatening to consume a whole world in darkness. In a heartbreaking showdown between good and evil, loyalty and deception, knowing and not knowing, King Lear takes us on the tragic journey of a father whose act of division shakes the bedrock of his kingdom.