Juan Pablo Villa

Juan Pablo Villa

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School of Music Visiting Artist

Vocal artist and composer who been devoted to vocal exploration by means of free-improvisation, vocal extended techniques and the free interpretation of diverse vocal manifestations of Mexico and abroad. His name is, without a doubt, a referent in Mexico in what concerns vocal expression and exploration. He is currently offering concerts of La Gruta de Baba (improvisations and pieces) in which, with the voice as core instrument, a looper and diverse objects, he creates a kaleidoscope of vocal sonority that generates an irresistible and surprising landscape for the audience.

 As a composer he has worked with Apoc Apoc -a contemporary dance company directed by Jaime Camarena-, in the creation and recording of the music for the choreography “La Fiesta de los Bárbaros” (2008-2009); in the creation and recording of the introductory piece for the TV series “De Raíz Luna”, created and conducted by Mardonio Carballo for Canal 22 (nominated for Best Music in the PANTALLA DE CRISTAL AWARDS, 2008); in the creation and recording of the music for the short-films “Goodbye Garibaldi” (2008) by Alejandro Ramírez Corona (screened at film festivals throughout México, Europe, South America and the Caribbean), “Refugio … de Aquí a Ninguna Parte” by Paulo Riqué (nominated for Best Music in the PANTALLA DE CRISTAL AWARDS, 2006), “Sangre Circular, Interior 19" and “Peces de Asfalto” by Rafael Rangel (screened at the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY FILM FESTIVAL 2007); and in the creation and performing of the music for the play “El Miedo Insuperable” by Harif Ovalle (2007). He has taken vocal improvisation and exploration workshops with Fred Frith, Jöelle Leandre, David Moss, Shelley Hirsch, Joan LaBarbara, Hebe Rosell, Alejandro Campero, Indira Pensado, Jesús Cuevas, and at the Roy Hart Theatre.  He has performed with several renowned artists such as Shelley Hirsch, Arturo López in La Gruta de Baba + CINEAMANO, Mario de Vega, Julián Bonequi and Rogelio Sosa in the free improvisation ensemble Pandillismo, Mardonio Carballo in the Náhuatl poetry and vocal improvisation ensemble Xolo, Germán Bringas, Iraida Noriega, Cabezas de Cera, Fuxé, Carlos Maldonado, Alejandro Chávez, Raúl Fernández, Fernando Vigueras, Ricardo Castillo, Muna Zul, Chris Cogburn, Alex Bruck, and Chris Van Beuren.