James Benning: Two Films

James Benning: Two Films

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In his prolific career, unfolding since the early 1970s, legendary filmmaker and artist James Benning has matched a passionate wanderlust to an exacting formal rigor, mapping out multivalent landscapes. REDCAT is proud to present the North American Premiere of two moons (2018, 42.5 minutes), filmed in November 2018 in Valencia, California. A gibbous and full moon rising. The film will be preceded by L. COHEN (2017, 45 minutes, Grand Prix, Cinéma du réel festival in Paris), filmed in August of 2017 near Madras, Oregon. A rather unremarkable farm field on a most remarkable day. Mount Jefferson can be seen 40 miles away. Rescheduled from April 2019. 

In person: James Benning