'Goodbye': MFA 2 Thesis

'Goodbye': MFA 2 Thesis

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CalArts Campus

Lund Theater

Friday, Feb. 11 | 8 pm
Saturday, Feb. 12 | 3 pm

Good Bye, a dance performance choreographed by Kensaku Shinohara (2022 Choreography MFA Candidate) will be performed at CalArts' Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater (24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia). As a Japanese transplant in the United States since 2009, Shinohara has observed social conflicts that are quite different from the culture he was raised in. Good Bye is a performance project that he has been researching since 2017, questioning identity, sexuality, hypocrisy, and citizenship, and this presentation is his thesis iteration with two CalArts dancers, Zhihan Yang and Sam Wentz. Admission is by reservation only.

Choreographer: Kensaku Shinohara
Performer: Sam Wentz, Zhihan Yang

Composer: Dylan Marx
Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan and Violet Smith
Costume Designer: Misuzu Hara
Costume Assistant: Tokie Wang

Thesis Committee:
Allison Yasukawa (Chair)
Rosanna Gamson
Brigette Dunn-Korpela

Dimitri Chamblas

Milka Djordjevich
Francois Ghebaly

Stacy Grossfield

Miguel Gutierrez

Adam Linder
Craig Peterson

Supported by: 

The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance
Nick England Intercultural Arts Project

Union Project Grant