Ephraim Asili: 'The Diaspora Suite'

Ephraim Asili: 'The Diaspora Suite'

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West Coast Premieres

Ephraim Asili’s The Diaspora Suite (2011–2017) is  a remarkable series of films that grew out of the filmmaker’s drive to have a personal understanding of the greater African diaspora. Traveling in Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, and the United States, Asili responded to the character and history of each place amid his developing awareness of his own cultural background as a young African-American man. Asili is an African-American artist, filmmaker, DJ, and traveler whose work focuses on the African diaspora as a cultural force. The Diaspora Suite has screened in festivals and venues all over the world. Asili can be heard live at his monthly dance party, Botanica. He is a professor in Film and Electronic Arts at Bard College.

In person: Ephraim Asili

Funded in part by the Ostrovsky Family Fund, with special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud, as part of the Jack H. Skirball Series.