Doreen Kutzke

Doreen Kutzke

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CalArts Campus

Wild Beast -  Experimental Voice Workshop

School of Music Visiting Artist

The workshop will deal with the technique of yodelling and the music-ethnological development of yodelling worldwide. The breaking of the voice in traditional music is a technique that can be found all over the world. We learn yodelling techniques from the alpine region, pygmy yodelling, country yodelling and applications of the technique in contemporary music. Furthermore yodelling as a measuring instrument in urban architecture vs. rural environment.

Doreen Kutzke (born 1975) is a German actress, performance Artist, composer, singer and singing teacher, specialized in in the art of yodelling. She grew up in the Harz Mountains and started yodelling and singing at the age of 6. Her activities include musical performances, concerts and teaching at the University of the Arts Berlin, Art Academy Reykjavik and Goldsmith University in London. A former Villa Aurora Los Angeles scholarship holder, her current project is a collaboration with Metabolic Studio LA to explore voice and yodelling in urban structure. She founded the Jodelschule Kreuzberg in Berlin and teaches yodeling and advanced vocal techniques worldwide.