Daïchi Saïto: Material Traces

Daïchi Saïto: Material Traces

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"The films of Saïto explore the relation between the corporeal phenomena of vision and the material nature of the medium, fusing a formal investigation of frame and juxtaposition with sensual and poetic expressions." —Lumen Journal

Presented in collaboration with Los Angeles Filmforum and the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts

In person: Daïchi Saïto

Over the past fifteen years, Montreal-based film artist Daïchi Saïto has created a singular body of analog film work in which the rigor of his conceptualization and execution is matched only by the intense beauty and power of his images. Manipulating his film material by hand via chemistry and optics, Saïto’s work gives material dimension to otherwise elusive notions of ephemerality, confusion, subjectivity, and memory. REDCAT is honored to partner with Los Angeles Filmforum, through support of the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, to bring Daïchi Saïto to Los Angeles for his first retrospective program. The evening will feature films in Super 8, 35mm, and 16mm double-projection, encapsulating a body of work and an evening of filmmaking that promises to astonish. 

Funded in part by the Ostrovsky Family Fund. Curated by Mark Toscano, Daïchi Saïto, Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud, as part of the Jack H. Skirball Series.

Call the REDCAT box office to purchase at 213-237-2800.