Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener: Tesseract

Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener: Tesseract

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Thursday, November 30, - 8:30 pm
Friday, December 1, - 8:30 pm
Saturday, December 2, - 8:30 pm
Sunday, December 3, - 3:00 pm

REDCAT: “One of the most technically ambitious dance recordings ever made…” —The Art Newspaper

Virtuosic movement is experienced through heightened new dimensions in this daring collaboration between two former Merce Cunningham dancers and an iconic filmmaker expanding the corporeal and digital realms. The thrilling result is a live dance/technology hybrid featuring seven dancers and 3-D video that weaves together dance, sci-fi futurism, and live film segments. New perceptions of bodies in motion emerge as the powerfully physical and precise choreography of Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener is mixed and projected live by trailblazing video artist Charles Atlas. Ways of seeing evolve in real time as the camera tilts, shifts, and expands, creating transformative new perspectives of human movement in space and time.