Carmina Escobar: 'Bajo la Sombra del Sol (Under the Sun's Shadow)'

Carmina Escobar: 'Bajo la Sombra del Sol (Under the Sun's Shadow)'

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Thursday, Nov. 18: 8:30 pm
Friday, Nov. 19: 8:30 pm
Saturday, Nov. 20: 8:30 pm

Bajo la Sombra del Sol (Under the Sun’s Shadow) is a performative hypertextural scenic work by extreme vocalist, improviser, and intermedia artist Carmina Escobar that is staged, makes communion with, and is filmed at the natural landscape of Mono Lake, California.  Using the creation of myth, it reintegrates the notion of ecstasy in the social realm to define our ontological principles and communal consecration to social togetherness. Structured in nine chapters, the performance traverses five sites in Mono Lake during five interventions, from sunrise to sundown. The piece is experienced in two ways: at Mono Lake as part of a minimal live audience and at REDCAT, with an immersive installation that brings the audience on a journey toward its own shadow, including live performances interwoven with film in a multi-screen theatrical environment.