CalArts Soundstream at The Troubadour

CalArts Soundstream at The Troubadour

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Off Campus
The Troubadour

9081 N. Santa Monica Blvd. 
West Hollywood, CA 90069

CalArts Soundstream 2018 is a one-night showcase of unique forward-thinking, genre-defying music—all original work by artists graduating from The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts. From CalArts’ graduating class of 2018 comes an eclectic selection of bands delving into the diverse styles of jazz, folk, rock, R&B, soul, pop and electronic music. This lineup represents what’s next for LA’s music scene, as these creative performers move into their professional songwriting and performance careers.

The show begins at 8 pm, doors at 7:40 pm and admission is free. The lineup features (not in performance order): 

Zoe Nicole

Pop R&B vibes
Zoe Nicole is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, born and raised in Los Angeles. She began writing songs at the early age of 11, when she won her first award in songwriting. A vocalist for the last 8 years, she currently studies music at the CalArts. Her inspirations stem from her love of classic rock, bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, specifically the influence of iconic songwriting team Lennon and McCartney, as well as current artists including Halsey and Adele. Zoe recently released her debut single, “Hurt You”, produced by 21-year-old artist and producer CROW. She is making a name for herself by bringing her unique R&B sound to the Pop world. Her catchy melodies and strong lyrical content prove her to be one to watch.


Captivating loop-based, organic-electronic soul music
Renner’s captivating loop-based performance brings to life the lush, deep musical landscapes he skillfully manicures on his records. Combining his unique styles of live percussion, sound manipulation, and sampling with his distinctively emotive and ethereal voice, Renner single-handedly crafts each element that makes up his inimitable organic/electronic soul sound. Renner has covered nearly all of the continental U.S., with over 150 shows in 36 states, and the music from his records has been featured in television shows including MTV’s “True Life” and “Catfish: The TV Show.” 


tinywave BIGSPLASH!
tinywave is pop-oriented sonic honesty rooted in shiny guitar melodies and lyrical lies. sleeping in los angeles, we’ve delved into our night visions to produce the most liquid fun!


a meeting point of poem & tone with guitar & voice in softness & dissonance
ruuth is a meeting point of poem & tone. these songs arise from the subconscious, through guitar & voice, through language & harmony, as a way of processing, sitting with, moving through, & healing from experience. ruuth is an abstract & intimate practice, with an emphasis on presence & movement in performance. drawing on softness & dissonance, ruuth aims to create a space of reflection & dynamic stillness for others in forms that are nurturing & feminine. in the marriage of choice & chance in something like fate, ruuth seeks the tension of opposites, the alchemy of internal work, the ability to transcend & value inherited identities & trauma, and the embodiment of spirit. ruuth is singer/songwriter greta ruth melcher, sometimes joined by friends & collaborators.

Dark Pulse

pulsing darkly
Bio: Dark Pulse is April Joy Gerloff’s solo hardware synthesizer project inspired by sub-genres in metal and electronic body music. Check out more at


plays all original music, and it rocks
I tell you the truth: Gestalt is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It’s like math and punk-rock fused into a piano trio, with a touch of contemporary stuff. They’ve scored two short films (coming out in late May), and possibly a full documentary in 2019! You see, Gestalt is about collaborative works; sure they have killer music, but I heard that most of their focus is writing and recording music for film and dance. It’s a super unique vibe, and they are forming a sick niche for themselves! Check them out before they become huge!


Driving rhythms, intricate melodies, and poetic, socially-minded lyrics
Cilience is an alternative rock band with driving rhythms, intricate melodies, and poetic, socially-minded lyrics. On “Fetters and Feathers”, the group’s upcoming EP, they fuse rock, jazz and world music, exploring collective improvisation and complex rhythms. The band addresses the various challenges that face our society by framing them in memorable, accessible songs. Literature, social movements, environmentalism, and folklore from various cultures inspire our lyrics. We believe in creating music with a message for positive change.

Emma and Chitarra

Folk-urban sound for the soul
Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia and Bellingham, Washington, Emma & Chitarra first met as college students at a music school in Los Angeles. Growing together through a common passion, Emma & Chitarra have an eclectic folk sound. Led by tireless vocal harmonies, the harp and keys combine forces in this unique duo to create a sound that fuses the soulfulness of Brandi Carlile with the harmonious accent of The Staves. Emma & Chitarra plays folk-inspired music that is easy to listen to, will inspire you to dance, and takes you on a journey through song.


Soul rock with a hint of Persian spice
Known for its unique sound and style, award-winning artist Maryama showcases a diverse fusion of genres. The band’s sound is a combination of soul and rock with the spice of Persia. Maryama has been named as the artist to watch by publications such as Girl Trip, Vent, Celebrity Cafe and Huffington Post which compared her to Sade and Joni Mitchell. The band’s debut record “Where the Mermaids Are”, mixed and mastered by Grammy-award-winners Marc Urselli and Scott Hull, was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media award, won a Music California Award and has been playlisted amongst artists such as Hozier, Beck, and Brian Eno and etc. Maryama band currently features Maryam Mirbagheri (guitar/voice), Julian Karahalios (bass), Michael Ohlinger (drums), Robert Perez (keys), Alkis Nicolaides (guitar), Nigel Deane (violin), Kevin Patel (violin), and Joshua Westerman (viola).

Laugh Queens

Experimental alternative rock
Laugh Queens is an alternative rock project formed in 2016. The LA-based band is made up of CalArts musicians that perform and record eccentric guitar melodies contrasted with a solid rhythm section, that always leaves a powerful, yet compelling impression. The band is Stephanie D’Arcy, Ryan Albaugh, Alexander Simmons, Giancarlo Arzu and Aidan Gould.