CalArts School of Theater Presents: 'Bacchae'

CalArts School of Theater Presents: 'Bacchae'

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CalArts Campus

Butler Building II

Thursday, Dec. 9, 8 pm
Friday, Dec. 10, 8 pm
Saturday, Dec. 11, 2 pm & 8 pm

By Euripides

Adapted from translations by Gilbert Murray and Paul Woodruff 
Directed by Anthony Nikolchev
Bacchae (noun): those in lament and in ritual to the self-transcendent practices that we have, we’ve lost, and perhaps we can still create as a community

A spliced together investigation of Euripides’s 2500-year-old tragedy, this physically driven performance follows Dionysus plotting punishment for those who have denied the god's divinity. Combining movement, vocals, and text, Bacchae examines how we find group catharsis, what is abused when the true desire to transcend the self lowers our self-defense, and what forces may be necessary to achieve a different future.