CalArts School of Theater Festival 2021: 'Beyond the Stage'

CalArts School of Theater Festival 2021: 'Beyond the Stage'

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We are excited to announce the CalArts School of Theater Festival 2021: Beyond the Stage. The school-wide event, featuring several of our season projects, runs May 4-14, 2021.
The current physical distancing has provided us with an opportunity to move assertively to an ensemble model of project creation. This has been a staple of experimental practice throughout the world—and crucial as a gesture of de-institutionalization of performance practice. Though always an important facet of the CalArts experience, the current environment invites us to embrace the creative potential of ensemble work in a more expansive and profound way. Working across disciplines and cultural boundaries, these ensembles will allow for an expanded range of projects and voices, while enfranchising students to step beyond the traditional bounds of their given métier—highlighting our dedication to experimental practice, lateral production strategies, and cross-cultural engagement.    


MFA Directed Projects

  • Bobbie Clearly: Written by Alex Lubischer, directed by Josh Sobel     
  • Cries and Whispers: Written by Ingmar Bergman, directed by Genevieve Fowler
  • Obsession: Written and directed by Peng Hsu      
  • Pelléas et Mélisande: Written by Maurice Maeterlinck, directed by Charles Yee  

Performance Series

  • 20202021: Devised by the company, directed by Lars Jan     
  • An Atlas to "The Night & Other Electric Flowers": Inspired by the collected works of Marigloria Palma; conceived, adapted, and directed by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo      
  • Animal Farm (Bond): By George Orwell, adapted by Nelson Bond, directed by Damian D. Lewis
  • The Romeo and Juliet Experience - A Tryptic to Love Through Isolation and Loss: Inspired by Shakespeare, directed by Daniel Passer

XDP Projects

  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond Tours with Sandy Clarita: By Amy Chiao  
  • Beyond the Veil: By Andrew Carey and Megan Parish  
  • Color’s Queer Bent: By Ry Burke  
  • For All Time: By Maddi Mays  
  • Glass: By Violet Smith
  • Glass Landscapes: By Leslie Crapster-Pregont  
  • How Do You Define Value? A Discussion on the Performing Arts: By Jared Pixler
  • just for loving you i pay the price: By Ly Eisenstein  
  • Kalaakar Bazaar: By Kanthi Ananthagopal and Marney Miller  
  • Masking Romeo and Juliet: By Emma Armstrong-Muntner
  • Museum Obscurum: By Danny Baxter
  • My Summer: By Chusu Kim  
  • Sacrifices of the Night: By Nicole Theep   
  • To Remember a Friend: By Kathleen Fox