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Sounds like...
at once; immediately.
“...and we began in the new way instanter”

On September 11 at 6 pm, the Art School will mark the transition from orientation to the beginning of the academic year with a 21st century teach-in called INSTANTER. We are moving into the academic year in a new context. As a united body of faculty, students and staff, we have the opportunity to co-construct an educational experience that directly engages with the challenges and constraints of the world as it is, rather than simply replicating, in digital form, what it once was.

 INSTANTER marks the immediate moment, where history meets the now. It is a space of accelerated disruption, but also a space of dazzling potential. In this global pandemic with its profound social, political and economic effects, we are seeing the institutions we once understood as gatekeepers and seats of power disrupted, dismantled, and reconfigured before our eyes.

INSTANTER brings together four artist / designer / educators to present their thoughts, proposals, and speculations in response to a prompt: what trajectory, conceptual model, structure or agenda would you propose as the basis of reimagining, unbuilding, or revolutionizing higher art and design education, instanter? 

INSTANTER vol 1 panelists confirmed so far:

• Harry Gamboa Jr., Program Co-Director, Photo / Media, moderator 

• Gloria Galvez, Artist / Activist, Visiting Faculty, CalArts

• Nicole Killian, Artist / Designer, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, VCU 

• Search & Research (Emily Luce and Rodney Sayres), artists and independent educators

Friday, Sept 11 from 6 - 7 pm PST
9-10 pm EST / 6:30 am on Sat 9/12 in Chennai / 9 am on Sat 9/12 in Shanghai 
Via Zoom: 910 4261 1053

All Art School students, faculty and staff are invited!