Board of Trustees


Tim Disney
Chair, CalArts Board of Trustees
Co-Founder, Uncommon Productions
Los Angeles 

James B. Lovelace
Vice Chair, CalArts Board of Trustees
Senior Vice President
Capital Research Global Investors
Los Angeles 


Joan Abrahamson
The Jefferson Institute
Los Angeles

Lyndon Barrois, Sr. (Film/Video MFA 95)
Artist/Animation Director

David A. Bossert (Film/Video BFA 83)
Artist, Filmmaker and Author
Valencia, CA

Troy Carter
Founder and CEO 
Atom Factory
Los Angeles

Don Cheadle (Theater BFA 86)
Los Angeles 

Clarissa Crawford (Theater MFA 15)
Alumni Trustee 
Creative Producer and Cultural Strategist

Caroline Cronson
Producer, Works & Process at the Guggenheim 
New York

Nathan Crow
Staff Trustee
School of Film/Video
California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA 

Jonathan Dolgen
Wood River Ventures, LLC
Los Angeles

David I. Fisher
Chairman Emeritus
Capital Group International, Inc.
Los Angeles 

Rodrigo García
Film Director
Los Angeles

Rick Haskins
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Digital Programs
The CW
Burbank, CA

Karen Hillenburg
Los Angeles

Charmaine Jefferson
President, Kélan Resources
Los Angeles 

David G. Johnson
Founder, Act 4 Entertainment
Santa Monica 

Jamie Kellner
Chairman, Acme Communications, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

Jill Kraus
New York 

Thomas Lloyd
Vice President
Capital Group International
Los Angeles

Jamie Alter Lynton
New York

Greg McWilliams
Chief Policy Officer 
FivePoint Holdings
Valencia, CA

Tina Perry
President, OWN
Los Angeles 

Ravi S. Rajan
Ex-Officio, CalArts 
California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA

Tom Rothman
Motion Picture Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Los Angeles 

David L. Schiff (Music BFA 72)
MGMT Entertainment
Beverly Hills 

Michael Skloff (Music MFA 15)
Los Angeles

Susan Steinhauser
Los Angeles 

Theresa Strempek
Real Estate Investor

Madyson Thornquest (Dance BFA 22)
Student Trustee

Roger Wacker
Managing Director, Wealth Management
Private Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Los Angeles 

Lorraine Wild
Faculty Trustee
School of Art 
California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA

Iwan Wirth
Hauser & Wirth
England, UK

Trustee Emeriti

Austin M. Beutner
Los Angeles Unified School District

V. Shannon Clyne
CSB Private Equity
Los Angeles 

Joseph Cohen
The SwitchTV
Pacific Palisades, California
New York 

Robert J. Denison
First Security Management
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Douglas K. Freeman
First Foundation Advisors
Corona del Mar, Calif.

Harriett F. Gold
Los Angeles

Jeffrey Katzenberg
Co-founder, WndrCo
Los Angeles

Thomas L. Lee
Former Chairman and CEO
Newhall Land and Farming Company
Valencia, Calif.

Peter Norton
Retired Computer Software Entrepreneur
New York 

Michael Pressman
Director and Executive Producer
New York 

Janet Dreisen Rappaport