Welcome to the celebration of a new era in the history of CalArts as Ravi S. Rajan is officially installed as the Institute’s fourth president. Our program this morning reflects the values we hold dear: community, creativity, and diversity. Thank you for joining us on this momentous occasion!

Lobby Performance and Installation

A constantly changing composition of projected images and music created by the Los Angeles-based visual performance band funVoid.

Main Gallery Installation: 'A State of the Art School'

Eighty-three participants from the CalArts School of Art—Faculty, current students, and alumni—welcome President Ravi S. Rajan with a wide-ranging showcase of visual art representing the School’s four programs: Art, Art and Technology, Graphic Design and Photography and Media.


Performers from CalArts’ world-renowned African Dance and Drum Ensemble and Javanese Gamelan lead the procession from the Main Gallery to the Wild Beast music pavilion for the inauguration ceremony.

Fanfare For (R)Evolution Arts

Composed especially for the inauguration of President Ravi S. Rajan by David Rosenboom, Dean, The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts, Richard Seaver Distinguished Chair in Music, the fanfare features lines from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s call to action, Poetry as Insurgent Art, in celebration of artists in constructive action—when portentous circumstances demand focus on enabling Earth’s cultures to survive and evolve.

Welcome and Introduction

Tim Disney, Chairman of the Board


  • Lee Anne Schmitt, MFA 02 ( Film/Video Faculty)
  • Alan Eder, MFA 84 (Music Faculty and Staff)
  • Abigail Salling (Student Trustee)
  • John D’Amico, MA 09 (Alumni Council Leader)

Artistic Interlude

A collaboration among writers, dancers, and musicians featuring students and alumni of The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance.

Inaugural Address

Ravi S. Rajan, CalArts President

Artistic Interlude

Marking an occasion of transition and transformation, continuity, and momentous change, drawn from Oneida and Ojibwe heritages, in hope of inspiring action toward social change.


Guests, please follow the recessional to the President’s Welcome Lunch on the East Lawn of campus off of Tournament Road. A shuttle will be available. The picnic will feature a performance by the CalArts Latin Jazz Ensemble with President Ravi S. Rajan on trumpet.


Lobby Performance and Installation


Theo Vaillant BFA 15

Performance by funVoid

  • Henry Webster, MFA 17, BFA 13
  • Kyle McCarthy, MFA 17, BFA 15
  • Aidan Gould, BFA 16
  • Jack Turpin, BFA 15

Main Gallery Installation


Julie Cabral, BFA 17
Dave Muller, MFA 93
Christina Niazian, BFA 17


Jazmin Alvarez, Abhinav Anand, Aidan Bach, Alejandro Cerutti, Cici Cheng, Izzy De la Meme, Isidro Perez Garcia, Dominique Go, Ali Hamidia, Rachel Handlin, Vincent Hernandez, Jae Hyun Hong, Audrey Jackson, Daria Kovaleva, Scott Lee, Tatiana McClung, Nion McEvoy, Jr., Giselle Morgan, Brooke Mullin, Brian Yulo Ng, Daniel Nicolaevsky, Mandy Perea, Eric Potts, Kate Riccitello, Maya Rosado, Juliette Sandoval, Jinal Sangoi, Chloe Scallion, Samara Shore, Zheqian Su, Molly Surazhsky, Chandler Sutton, Brandy Trigueros, Joshua Winklhofer, Gosia Wojas


Ekta Aggarwal, Daniel Alcazar, Nicholas Angelo, Kathy Bates, Tyler Calkin, Shibo Chen, Courtney Coles, Dana Eitches, Elizabeth Fiedorek, Luke Fisher, Luke Harnden, Wesley Hicks, Serena Himmelfarb, Hanieh Khatibi, Roy Martinez, Silvi Naci, Sarah Naim, Julia Pontes, Elizabeth Preger, Alexander Rafalovich, Hannah Rubin, Molly Shea, Elizabeth Smith, Rebecca Stafford, Anne Stephens, Don Tinling, Dameon Waggoner, Gwenmarie White, John Wu, Kaveri Zachariah


Scott Benzel, MFA 01; Ellen Birrell; Andrew Freeman, MFA 89; Harry Gamboa Jr.; Rafael Hernandez, BFA 11; Marjan Hormozi; Darcy Huebler, MFA 83, BFA 79; Roman Jaster, BFA 07; Anther Kiley; Tom Lawson; Tom Leeser; Chris Peters, MFA 00, BFA 98; Nick Rodrigues, MFA 12; Louise Sandhaus, MFA 94, BFA 93; Gail Swanlund, MFA 92


Artistic Director: Malik Pauldon, BFA 18

  • African Dance and Drum Ensemble
  • Javanese Gamelan
  • The CalArts Institute Choir
  • Presidential Puppets, Design by Michael Darling, Head of Technical Direction, School of Theater; Fabrication by BFA Candidates Shaurjya Banerjee, Gabe Bennet, Francisco DeLeon, Brandon Mendoza

Fanfare for (R)Evolution Arts

  • Poetry Reader: Meltem Ege, DMA 17 (Faculty)
  • Trumpet: Daniel Rosenboom, MFA 07
  • Trumpet: Aaron Smith MFA 08
  • French Horn: Alan Fogle (Faculty)
  • Trombone: Matthew Barbier MFA 10 (Faculty)
  • Tuba: Luke Storm MFA 09 (Faculty)
  • Drumset: Gene Coy, MFA 99
  • Electric Guitar: Miroslav Tadić, MFA 85, BFA 83 (Faculty )
  • Electric Bass: Alphonso Johnson (Faculty)

Artistic Interlude

Artistic Director: Jesse VanDenKooy, MFA 17, BFA 15
Choreographer: Mallory Fabien, BFA 16
Accompanied by Fell Runner

  • Guitar/vocals: Steven van Betten, BFA 14
  • Guitar/vocals: Gregory Uhlmann, BFA 14
  • Drums/vocals: Tim Carr, BFA 11
  • Bass: Marcus Hogsta

Artistic Interlude

Ty Defoe, BFA 04

Thanks to

CalArts Board of Trustees
CalArts Administration