Events and Programs

CalArts LatinFest 

March 4-8, 2019

The Latin American Arts Festival (LatinFest) is a multidisciplinary celebration of music, art, film, dance, theater, literature, and culture. Our mission is to promote artistic diversity, raise intercultural and intersectional awareness, expose social issues, and challenge stereotypes about Latinxs and Latin America in our school and community. The festival includes events such as performances, installations, screenings, lectures, and workshops by CalArts students, faculty and alumni, as well as guest artists.

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Interdisciplinary Talks: Transitions

February 23, 2017 | 4-7pm | Mod Lobby

The concept, transition, has occupied the U.S. American public imagination by way of the election; State-centered debates about civil rights among shifting racial, national, and gender populations; the subjectivities of people who self-identify as trans; questions of the impact of technology on human connection and notions of “the human” itself. More locally, our Institute is a place that is designed to foster transition through artmaking and the critical education that supports practice.

The Equity and Diversity Committee, in partnership with the Office of the Provost, invites you to Interdisciplinary Talks, a series of presentations and conversations centered around concepts we propose as relevant to CalArts and beyond. Our inaugural event is Transitions, and features Roberta Uno (Director of Arts in a Changing America), Shannon Scrofano (Designer), and Evyind Kang (Composer). Douglas Kearney (Critical Studies) will moderate.

E&D presents Roxane Frias: Screening + Q&A

March 16, 2017 | 4:30pm | Bijou Theater

Immigration has played an important role in the history of the United States, yet Latinos are not becoming Americans like the immigrants before them. By 2035, Latinos will represent 35 percent of the U.S. population. How will this impact America’s political, social, economic and cultural future?

In 2012, Latinos as a group, had overwhelmingly voted for President Obama (75 percent to 27 percent) and thus given him a second term in office. That day, Latinos as a unified demographic, demonstrated that they can indeed pick the next President. Republicans and Democrats realize they need the Latino electorate. But to what extent has Latino influence already changed the identity and economic structure of the country? Roxanne Frias has made a number of documentaries on the U.S., among them "Made in Chicago" and "The Making of Barack Obama"

Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public is a series of talks and workshops hosted by the Equity & Diversity Committee and designed to encourage discussion and collaboration between CalArts students, staff, faculty and administration on a wide range of concerns. It can be difficult to talk about sensitive, complex topics in groups, no matter how small or familiar, for fear of being ridiculed, of offending someone, of not knowing enough, or not having the ‘right’ to speak about a difference or experience not one’s own. Speaking in Public provides participants opportunities to practice exchanging, learning and taking risks with others, with greater awareness, confidence and investment.

Held Thursdays from 4:00-5:30pm in the Main Gallery.

Previous Speakers:

  • Jeff Chang
  • Roberto Uno: Arts in a Changing America
  • Cynthia Carr: Fire in the Belly, on David Wojnarowicz
  • Suheir Hammad & Shahrnush Parsipur: The Magic of Solidarity
  • Roger Guenveur Smith: Frederick Douglass Now
  • Luis Camnitzer & Michele Wallace: A Town Hall on Art & Race in the 21st Century
  • Allison Adelle Hedge Coke: Reading & Conversation
  • Julie Dash: Daughters of the Dust
  • Robert Greygrass: Oral Tradition and Being Human Being
  • Judy Baca: Excavating Land & Memory Through Public Art
  • Stanley Nelson: Freedom Riders
  • Chris Abani: Art as Witness
  • Roger Bonair-Agart: The Exclusivity of Space