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Equity and Diversity

CalArts is committed to a diverse and equitable environment in the workplace, within the classrooms, studios and beyond.

Issues of equity and diversity are indispensable to the vitality of CalArts, where the community constantly strives to deepen intercultural awareness and provide robust support mechanisms for students from increasingly varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Students, faculty and staff with concerns regarding issues of equity and/or diversity at CalArts are encouraged to address these issues with CalArts' administration. 

Interim Faculty and Staff Co-Directors for Equity and Diversity
For the 2015-2016 academic year, CalArts has designated two interim faculty and one staff Co-Directors for Equity and Diversity. Their role is to consult with students, faculty and staff through regular office hours and by appointment; create effective and thought-provoking programming around questions of equity and diversity, specifically designed for artists and cultural producers broadly defined; and hold a leadership role on the Diversity Committee, especially to help frame effective platforms of engagement to keep issues of equity and diversity on the forefront.

Douglas Kearney (Faculty Co-Director)

Leslie Tamaribuchi (Faculty Co-Director)

Patricia Gonzalez (Staff Co-Director)

Beatriz Cortez (Alumni Co-Director)

Title IX Coordinators
CalArts designates a Title IX coordinator and deputy coordinator to serve as institute liaisons for reports of sex discrimination and to discuss questions or concerns relating to the investigation of complaints received, reporting and compliant procedures and education and training opportunities across campus.

Title IX Coordinator
Charmagne Shearrill, Director, Chief Human Resources Officer

Deputy Coordinators
Travis Greene, Dean of Students
Kim Russo, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Student Success

For more information, contact:

Office of the Provost
661.255.1050 x2124

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