Alumnx: A gender neutral term inspired by Latinx and Mx.; in lieu of gendered Latin alumnus, alumna, alumni, and alumnae

Noun, Adjective

Pronunciation: a'ləm:nɛks

You can read more about the change on page 62 of the The Pool Issue 2.

CalArts Alumni
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For nearly 50 years, alumnx from CalArts, Los Angeles Conservatory of Music, and Chouinard Art Institute have shaped the arts landscape around the globe. Our community serves as an extension of the collaborative, innovative, and DIY spirit fostered at CalArts. The Office of Alumnx and Family Engagement works to connect and engage community members worldwide through many programs and activities.

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Chapters and Ambassadors:

You are never far away from CalArts! Chapters connect and engage our community around the world. Whether you're local, temporary resident, or visiting the region, alumnx in specific geographic regions meet, enjoy events together, and collaborate. 

Alumnx who run chapters are called leaders, and each chapter has two leaders who co-chair the group. For those wishing to represent but whose lifestyle/career precludes them from committing to a Chapter, they can be Ambassadors!

If you would like to volunteer, start a new chapter, become an Ambassador, or join the rockstar ranks of an existing chapter, let us know!

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