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With the 2013 CalArts Commencement recently completed, 183 new CalArts BFAs and 190 MFAs are suddenly free of academic deadlines, and are now–just as suddenly–facing the future. Now what? 

The good news is that most of these graduates have spent the past few years preparing for this moment, and have already planned either the next step in their educations or the start of their careers. They are soon to discover, if they haven’t already, that their CalArts degrees will open doors that won’t open for everyone. The following stories on Ryan Bancroft, Sophie Diao, and Aaron McKinney focus on three interesting and dynamic young people who are taking their first post-CalArts steps in what promise to be rewarding careers.

Ryan Bancroft

As a performing artist, earning an MFA is usually the culmination of your formal education, but for Ryan Bancroft (MFA Music 13, BFA Music 11), he’s got at least one more step. In September, Bancroft will head to a special conducting program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Read more.

Sophie Diao

Just a few weeks after graduating from CalArts with a degree in character animation, Sophie Diao (Film/Video BFA 13) will display her work to a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of people. As a full-time “Google Doodler,” Diao is joining a small team of artists that transforms the Internet company’s distinctive multicolored logo into creative illustrations on its search page, often celebrating the birthdays of historical figures. Read more.

Aaron McKinney

As an African American, McKinney says that his goal is to produce plays about the experiences of African Americans and other minority groups—not just staging them because he finds the subject matter important––but making sure that they find an audience through unique staging or other methods. Read more.

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