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Interdisciplinary Project Grants

The Interdisciplinary Project Grants Program, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, supports interdisciplinary and collaborative student projects that challenge formal conventions and are experimental in process or approach. Compelling interdisciplinary projects involve a dialogue, merger, or collision of disciplines.

2013-2014 Dates

Fall 2013
#1 Spring 2014 #2 Spring 2014
Application Deadline: November 8, 5pm Application Deadline: January 31, 5pm Application Deadline: March 7, 5pm
Grants Awarded by November 18 Grants Awarded by February 14 Grants Awarded by March 19

Late applications will not be accepted.


Applications will be reviewed by the Interdisciplinary Project Grant Committee, composed of one faculty member from each School and the Division of Library and Information Resources, and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative involving a dialogue, merger, or collision of disciplines. Projects within categories that are typically collaborative (such as film, theater, performance, etc.) are eligible only if they are collaborative in new, unusual or unexpected ways. The vision of the project must be plural, not driven by one person.
  • Challenges formal conventions and is experimental in process or approach (projects that are more conventional will also be considered, but will not take priority)
  • Clarity of the application
  • Realistic budget
  • Feasibility of project

Interdisciplinary Project Grant Rubric


  • Undergraduate and graduate CalArts students enrolled in the current academic year. Students graduating in December may apply for funding in the fall but must demonstrate in their application that their project will be completed by December 2013.
  • Individually led and/or solo projects will be considered. Please note that collaborative groups of at least two people generally have the most successful proposals.
  • Students who have not yet received an Interdisciplinary Project Grant will be given stronger consideration than those who already have.
  • Students may not apply for the grant after their project has been completed.


Grant Amounts

Grants are available up to $1,500.00. Funded projects may not be awarded the full amount of the request.

Method of Payment

Reimbursement Deadline: May 31, 2014

Grants are paid on a reimbursement basis upon the submission of a list of expenses with explanations to the proposed budget line item with original receipts attached. Students may make up to two reimbursement requests, and the first reimbursement request must be at least half of the award amount.

Students who receive grants must submit a report about their completed project to the Office of the Provost in order to receive their final reimbursement.

After Your Project

Grant recipients must submit a report at the conclusion of the project
in order to receive final reimbursement. This report must consist of a 1-2 page description of project activities. Reports are to be submitted by May 31, 2014 to the Office of the Provost. Reports missing for prior year projects will disqualify applicants from consideration for additional grants.

To Apply

We highly encourage students to visit the Writing Center prior to submitting an application. A complete application requires the following parts:

1. Cover Sheet

2. Project Description 

  • Synopsis of Project (50-100 words)
    Write a 50 to 100 word synopsis of your project. What are the main features of your project? What would an observer or audience see or experience when they interact with or view your project?
  • Project Description (500 words or less)
    What specific elements make your project interdisciplinary, collaborative, and experimental? Why should your project be funded by this grant? How will the project impact and/or benefit your artistic development?
  • Timeline and Exhibition Plan
    What is the timeline for your project? When will you begin work? When will it be complete? What are specific project milestones? Indicate when and where you expect the project to be exhibited, performed or shared. It is your responsibility to ensure that space is available for your project.

3. Personal Statements for Lead Artists (400 words or less) – All Lead Artists must submit a Personal Statement which describes your involvement and commitment to the project, as well as how it will advance your artistic development.

4. Budget – Include a one-page budget with an itemized list of all costs of the projects. List the amount you are requesting from the Interdisciplinary Project Grant (up to $1500). If the budget exceeds $1,500, please indicate which additional funds or awards are “secured” or “anticipated.” Please include “budget notes” to clarify how your grant award would be spent or what you would do if you did not receive the full amount of your funding request. Funds cannot be used to pay students, although fees for outside labor may be considered. Funds may not be used to purchase equipment that may later be for personal use such as computers, hard drives, cameras, projectors, etc.; gasoline; alcohol; or food (unless food is used specifically in the project itself).

5. Optional Supplementary
– You may submit up to two 8.5” x 11” pages of supplementary materials. Other materials will not be accepted.


How To Apply

All applications are to be submitted via TurnItIn. Please following the below directions to submit your application:

  1. Go to turnitin.com.
  2. Create an account (if you do not already have one).
  3. Click “Enroll in a Class.” Class/section ID: 7716067, Enrollment password: CalArts
  4. Click on “Interdisciplinary Project Grant Application.”
  5. Click the “submit” button. Complete the required fields and upload your application.

*Note: Please submit all parts of the application (Project Description, Personal Statements for Lead Artist/s, Budget, and Optional Supplementary Materials) via a single MS Word, WordPerfect, PDF, RTF, OpenOffice or plain text file.

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