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Student Clubs and Organizations

Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 8

Dodgeball Tournament @ 12:30pm on the basketball courts.

Saturday, March 15

Rollerskating at Skateland 12:30pm - 4:30pm.

Thursday, March 20th

Hip Hop Club Show at 8:30pm in the Lund.

For more info, visit our Facebook Events page here.


2013-2014 Student Clubs and Organizations:

Bowling Club

Meetings/Games: Weekly on Thursdays at 9pm at Valencia Lanes Bowling Center


CalArts Anime Club

To watch and discuss Japanese animation.

Meetings: Weekly on Sundays at 1:00pm in the Film Library Screening Room

CalArts Eye

The CalArts Eye is an uncensored, multi-métier publication created, composed, and constructed by students and for students of the California Institute of the Arts. Students and alumni of CalArts are welcome to contribute.


To send submissions or ask questions, email: eye@alum.calarts.edu

CalTEC (CalArts Themed Entertainment Collective)

The CalArts Themed Entertainment Collective provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate, workshop, and experiment with concepts and ideas inspired by the ever expanding world of themed and immersive entertainment.


Circuit Benders

To hack everyday electronic objects to produce sound.

Meetings: Weekly on Fridays from 6pm - 9pm in B303

The Collective

The Collective is a multi-disciplinary arts organization striving to establish spaces in which artist present and preserve African American cultural expressions, cultivate their craft, generate new and interpretive work, and share their stories by means of collaborative and experimental performances. We draw on imagination, investigation, exploration, creation and experience, as we simultaneously prepare the artist for their transition into the professional world.

Meetings: Weekly on Thursdays at 4:15pm in E197 or F100

Heart Christian Fellowship

A time and space for fellowship within the gospel of Jesus Christ, where we build and encourage each other's faith and use multimedia to bring hope!

Meetings: Weekly on Thursdays at 10:10pm in the Critical Studies Foyer

Hip Hop Club

To give students a chance to expand their dance training and experience the culture.

Meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm in A203

Mi Gente – Latin Student Union

A collective to provide support, encouragement, and critique toward our art practices and communities.

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Thursdays from 4pm - 7pm in Tatum Lounge

Open Drawing

Build inter- and intra-school community with a forum for ideas and discourse based on weekly collborative drawing projects that are installed weekly as posters.

Meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays from 6pm - 9pm in C-Art

Pub/Print Club

Pub Club intends to be a space for the promotion and furthering of creative student work with a social and pre-professional context. [We make zines and we share them with each other].

Email: pubclub@alum.calarts.edu

Queer Arts Collective (QAC)

QAC aims to sensitize the CalArts community on diverse, sexual, gender, and non-normative identities/narratives. Along with forming a safe and friendly peer group including students, administrators, faculty and staff, we organize exhibitions, film screening, lectures and artist shows.

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Thursdaysat 4:15pm in Tatum Lounge


Tumblr: http://queerartscollective.tumblr.com/

Soccer Club

Network and make friends while playing and exercising.

Games: Weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm on the Soccer Field.

Trth Study

A Bible study and Christian fellowship

Meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm in Cafe A


Student in Yoga club will meet to practice yoga taught by a certified Instructor.

Meetings: Weekly Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm in A215

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