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Film Services


Film Services, in Library Visual Arts Center with Image Services, Room D205E.


See Library Hours.  Hours may vary during breaks and summer.

Moving Image Collection

This unique collection with a focus on contemporary art and
performance, animation, documentary, experimental and independent film, and film history supports all six CalArts schools.  CalArts faculty and student films and performances are included.

Access and Borrowing

To find collection items use the online Library Catalog.

Loan Policies

Faculty may borrow most media for 1 week.   Staff for 3 days.  Students, alumni, and guest researchers may view items for study and research purposes in the Film Services viewing area.  CAP instructors, please contact the Film Services Manager.  See Loan Policies for more information.


Faculty, please contact Film Services Manager or Visual Arts Librarian at least one week prior to screening a film from our collection. 
Many films may be screened only in the Bijou Theater.


To access videotapes after 5pm or weekends, please contact Film Services staff before 5pm Monday-Friday.  Videotapes are housed in a temperature controlled room and will be paged and available for your evening or weekend use on your request.

A/V Equipment Carts and Projectors

Faculty and staff may borrow A/V Equipment Carts and Projectors for a 3 hour period.  Contact Film Services staff to schedule carts for your classroom use.  For information see Film Services Viewing


Faculty may put collection and/or personal items on Reserve for one day to a maximum of one month.  Request collection items two weeks in advance of your classroom screening.  Contact Film Services staff.

TA Authorization

Faculty must sign a TA Authorization form to designate their teaching assistant as proxy to schedule and to check out items and A/V equipment for their classroom use.  Faculty are responsible for all items checked out by their TAs.  TAs authorization expire at the end of each semester. Forms are available in Film Services or online.

Interlibrary Loan

Collection items are not interlibrary loaned to other institutions.

Bijou Theater

The campus projection theater seats 120 and may be scheduled for classes, visiting artists and other presentations by faculty, students, staff and alumni.  See Bijou Theater for more information.

Requests for Purchases

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to make purchase requests.   An online Purchase Request Form is available, or contact your librarian.


All items in the collection are copyrighted.   The U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) governs the performance and display of copyrighted motion picture or audiovisual works.   It is assumed that items checked out will be used in accordance with current and standard copyright law.   Duplication without the written permission of the copyright owner is illegal.

For current copyright information, please see the Library Moving Image Copyright Policy.

For further assistance, contact:

Amy Basen
Film Services Manager

Karen Baxter
Visual Arts Librarian

Last edited by Susan Lowenberg on Jul 10, 2012
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