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CalArts Grants and Scholarships

School Awards and scholarships are awarded annually based on a variety of criteria by the Financial Aid Office in consultation with the School Dean and faculty. The  amount of your award may vary based on the availability of funding and it may not exceed the cost of tuition. All scholarships are tuition–only awards, credited to your CalArts student account in equal disbursements each semester.

Many of the CalArts Scholarships are donated by individuals, organizations or foundations and will carry the donor's name. If you are a recipient of one of these donor awards you will be notified by our Advancement Office and asked to report annually in writing on your academic/artistic progress and write a thank-you letter.

Since financial aid is awarded each year, you must reapply each year by submitting the FAFSA and all other requested documents and continue to meet academic and artistic progress, as defined by the Institute.

CalArts Yellow Ribbon Policy

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