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CAP Theater Programs

CAP/Plaza de la Raza Youth Theater Program

This program provides junior and high school students with 30 weeks of instruction in acting, movement, and voice. Students collaborate with teachers, a composer, and a playwright to create an original piece of theater. Artist specialists such as costume, set and lighting designers join the process in layers during the course of the work to further collaborate in making a full production. A class in design will be offered as an optional supplement for those who are interested in design and technical aspects of production. Classes are held three evenings per week, beginning in October and continuing through May. Free public performances are held in May at Plaza de la Raza and at REDCAT.

  • Dates: Oct. 7–Dec. 5, 2013 and Jan. 13–May 29, 2014
  • Times:
    • Beginning Theater: Mondays, 6 pm–8 pm
    • Movement for Theater: Tuesdays, 6 pm–8 pm
    • Intermediate/Advance Theater: Thursdays, 6 pm–8 pm
  • CAP Instructors: Former CalArts School of Theater faculty Barbara June Dodge, CalArts School of Theater faculty Marvin Tunney and CAP student instructors
  • Playwright: Cody Henderson
  • Contact: Jozben Barrett, CAP Program Coordinator at 661.253.7790 or jabarrett@calarts.edu
  • Location:Location: Plaza de la Raza, 3540 North Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90031
  • www.plazadelaraza.org
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