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Maija Burnett, Associate Director of Character Animation Program, quoted in Wall Street Journal

November 20, 2012
Wall Street Journal

DreamWorks Releases Software Used in 'Guardians'

DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., DWA -5.21% after spending years developing specialized software used to make one of its most expensive movies ever, is giving it away free to competitors...

Many major animation studios use proprietary software to supplement a general 3-D animation system such as RenderMan or a rival called Maya, according to Maija Burnett, associate director of character animation at California Institute of the Arts. Animation studios, said Ms. Burnett, "are very deep into the technology side."

To read full story, google Maija Burnett, Wall Street Journal

Profile of alumnus Don Cheadle

November 20, 2012
The Hollywood Reporter

Fresh from a turn in "Flight" with Denzel, the "House of Lies" star shares his love of acting -- and his collection of world-class watches.

Fresh from his Emmy nomination for Showtime's House of Lies -- in which he plays a cocksure management consultant with a wardrobe of custom Italian wool suits and Audemars Piguet timepieces -- Don Cheadle is living in a Hollywood moment uniquely his own creation. Having just wrapped his portion of Iron Man 3 in North Carolina, he's already back on the Sony lot filming the second season of House of Lies, which returns in January, and more than holds his own in Paramount's Flight. A veteran of sitcoms, TV dramas, action flicks, popcorn blockbusters, Soderbergh ensembles and Oscar-caliber message films, Cheadle is the consummate character actor who has become a star. Read Story

Bel Air Bar + Grill's features work by CalArts' students

November 16, 2012

Art Mingles with Food at Bel Air Bar + Grill

The scene was a mix of art enthusiasts and food lovers last night at Bel Air Bar + Grill's friends and family reopening. Susan Disney Lord directed the renovation and reconceptualization of the space along with designers KFA and Weil Studio. The completely redone property now houses not only Bel Air Bar + Grill but also The Shack (a to-go sandwich and cafe operation), an office and banquet space for The Roy Disney Foundation, and an exceptional and rotating selection of art by students at CalArts. Read More

Discussion of independent film in Los Angeles cites CalArts filmmakers

November 15, 2012
Art:21 Blog

One of the things that strikes me now is the way that the whole town got behind the Athens International Film and Video Festival, which, as the name implies, features independent films and videos from around the globe.  The Athena—Athens’s only movie theater—screens short film programs for free during the day and affordable feature films at night.  People drive in from miles around to attend screenings and participate in a huge community event centered on films that are not widely distributed.  It was while living in Athens that I first saw films by Bruce Baillie, Pat O’Neill, and recent Calarts graduates Lee Ann Schmitt and Lee Lynch—works that were very personalized portraits of California landscapes. Read Full Story

Q&A: Design Program alumnus Geoff McFetridge opens latest exhibition

November 15, 2012

On the back of Geoff McFetridge opening his latest exhibition entitled "Floating" at Cooper Cole, I thought it would be a great idea to sit down with the talented graphic designer. We discussed the reasons why McFetridge chose this path to how his work has evolved and grown since beginning, to his life in Los Angeles and what is next, not to mention talking about the body of works for "Floating". Read Interview

Upcoming exhibitions for alumna Allison Schulnik

November 14, 2012
Eyes In art

Allison Schulnik’s paintings, sculptures, and clay animations show the same relish for gutsy, expressionistic, surreal forms in the "Ex•pose: Allison Schulnik" show (Feb. 24-28, 2013). Bright colors emerge through an overall dark palette, as paintings and clay animations alike take on the sense of an ever-morphing figure. Read Story

New Pixar shorts collection includes CalArts student films by John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton

November 14, 2012
Entertainment Weekly (EW.com)

Sometimes good things come in small packages — especially if you have the attention span of an 8-year-old hopped up on Gummi Bears. If anyone's been able to make kids sit still over the past 20 years, though, it's the computer-whiz confectioners at Pixar, whose string of hits — from 1995's Toy Story to 2012's Brave — have ushered in a second golden age of animation. Still, as any parent will tell you, little Billy or Susie can find Nemo only so many times before growing restless again. Thankfully, the good folks at Pixar have been salting away a stash of fresh, fun-size 'toons for their latest grab bag, Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2 (2012, 1 hr., 15 mins., G). Read Story

Alumna Olga Koumoundouros discusses socially engaged art.

November 14, 2012

Do We Need Artists in Art Museums?

For the next in my series of interviews with artists and organizers as part of the SOCiAL: Art + People initiative, I sat down with Asuka Hisa, director of education at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and LA-based artist Olga Koumoundouros to discuss their collaboration on a recent Wall Works project titled CART -- What Do We Need to Get By and How Do We Get There. This discussion is just one of three pairings between artists and curators for the Getty Museum's upcoming panel Do We Need Artists in Art Museums? on November 14th at 7pm. Other pairings include Mark Allen of Machine Project and Elizabeth Cline, formerly of the Hammer Museum; and Bob Sain, creator of LACMA Lab and Christoph Korner of GRAFT Architects. Read Interview

The number of CalArts' legendary room A113 appears Pixar's Brave

November 14, 2012
Mashable Entertainment

Check Out These Hidden Gems in Disney Pixar’s, Brave

Brave, the latest animated film from Disney and Pixar is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. You know what that means: Hidden gems! Read Story

Article on American distribution company of foreign animated films cites CalArts

November 14, 2012
Los Angeles Times

GKIDS' winning pitch as the go-to market for foreign animated films

Film distributor GKIDS aims to give sophisticated, indie works like 'A Cat in Paris' and 'Chico & Rita' a foothold in the difficult U.S. animation landscape.
Eric Beckman, president of GKIDS, is climbing out of his office window to take in the skyline view from a narrow terrace 26 floors above Lower Manhattan. Inside, a staff of seven taps at computers in two rooms crammed with boxes of DVDs, film reels and posters of animated movies from France, Japan and the U.K. Read More

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