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Chouinard Art Institute alumnus Terry Allen reminisces about meeting Man Ray and more

February 2, 2013
Austin 360

Terry Allen inhabits his art

By Brad Buchholz

As a child, Terry Allen hid out in movie theaters. He knew every one of ’em in Lubbock in the 1950s: the Clifton, the Lindsey, the State, the Lyric, the Plaza. They were houses of refuge, safe havens where a boy on a bike could “disappear” from the flashes of alcohol-fueled turbulence at home.

“I hid in all of ’em. I’d go to movie after movie after movie,” says Allen, one of the great artists and songwriters of the American Southwest. “Sometimes my folks would call the cops; they didn’t know what had happened to me. But (in time), they kind of figured it out."

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The Hammer Museum presents comprehensive work from Chouinard Art Institute alumnus Llyn Foulkes

The Hammer Museum presents the most comprehensive retrospective to date of Los Angeles artist Llyn Foulkes

February 2,2013

The Hammer Museum presents an extensive career retrospective devoted to the work of the groundbreaking painter and musician Llyn Foulkes (b. 1934 in Yakima, Washington), on view from February 3 to May 19, 2013. One of the most influential yet underrecognized artists of his generation, Foulkes makes work that stands out for its raw, immediate, and unfiltered qualities. His extraordinarily diverse body of work—including impeccably painted landscapes, mixed-media constructions, deeply disturbing portraits, and narrative tableaux—resists categorization and defies expectations, distinguishing Foulkes as a truly singular artist. LLYN FOULKES is organized by Hammer curator Ali Subotnick and will travel to the New Museum in New York in June 2013 and to the Museum Kurhaus Kleve in Germany in November 2013.

“A retrospective for Llyn Foulkes is long overdue and we are exceptionally pleased to be organizing it,” says Hammer director Ann Philbin. “The work is raw, haunting, and at times shocking but deeply moving and personal. Llyn is an enigmatic figure with a complex history in the L.A. art scene, and we hope this exhibition helps to preserve his influence and legacy.”

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Calarts Alum hosts cooking segment on CBS during Superbowl Sunday

Poppy Tooker helped save the soul of New Orleans after Katrina and now famed Big Easy chef is ready for a Super party

Tooker was one of 10 people named 'Hero of the Storm' by the New Orleans Times-Picayune following Katrina for her efforts to save the soul of New Orleans – its food and cooking – by organizing fundraisers to get traditional food markets and restaurants back on their feet.

February 2, 2013

By Tim Smith

If you have any doubt about Poppy Tooker's passion for all things food and New Orleans, then all you have to do is ask her about her great grandmother's recipe for gumbo.

Tooker's eyes sparkle and her voice takes on a dramatic tone as the classically trained actress and French chef explains how the roux is the most important part. How the onions must be cooked first before adding the celery and bell pepper.

"I had a cooking great grandmother," Tooker said. "I have super clear memories of Sunday dinners with fabulous meals and immaculately set tables. She taught me to connect people with food."

Ajay Kapur transforming the classroom

January 30, 2013

The New Digital Educational Generation: N2N

By Ashley Caputo

As the educational world vies for the attention of students who live in a technologically advanced realm, it seems that a battle between the two competing forces is inevitable.

The educational sector lags behind the technologically advanced world that students now live it, with the virtual possibilities Web, mobile devices and computers replacing the need for textbooks and classroom attendance. The digital realm opens up a door to a whole new universe that students and teachers didn’t think was possible a decade ago.

With all of the innovational developments in the world, it is no wonder that educational professions have begun to fuse together its digital tools to create a learning platform that embodies all of the opportunities technology can offer for students and teachers alike.

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Eric Fischl's 'Dive Deep' feartures more than paintings

January 30, 2013
San Francisco Chronicle

A deep look at Fischl's painting process

By Kenneth Baker

My recollection of the 2009 survey "The Pictures Generation" at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art had it - erroneously - including Eric Fischel. But then, the show was organized by the Met's photography department, which might have considered Fischl too much a painter.

"Dive Deep: Eric Fischl and The Process of Painting" at the San Jose Museam of Art makes a case for Fischl as a painter long fascinated by social conditions that gripped "The Pictures Generation" - anxiety over the collapse of conventions and institutions, the blurring of gender and other pegs of identity and opportunism supplanting idealism, all roiled by tidal waves of mediated images.

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Musician and alumnus Mikal Cronin makes an impact in the Bay Area

January 30, 2013

Best Local Bands To Watch In 2013

By Andrew Dalton

The Bay Area's musical roots run deep with everything from folk to jazz and hip hop to punk rock. Given the massive popularity of food blogs over music news in this town one might think the city's chefs are our biggest rockstars. But don't sit there in silence, dear local music lover, we reached out to our dialed-in friends and music editors around town to tell us about the local acts they're ready to see make it big in 2013.

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CalArts alumna makes her feature debut at Sundance

January 31, 2013

Sundance: 'It Felt Like Love' Review and Roundup

By Anne Thompson

One of the much-vaunted Sundance slate of movies directed by women, "It Felt Like Love" marks yet another micro-budget hand-held look at an adolescent's coming of age. This one is well-shot in HD by director Eliza Hittman, a Cal Arts grad making her feature debut after screening her short "Untitled" at Sundance, with help from D.P.  Sean Porter and rookie teen actress Gina Piersanti, who has a future.

Filmed in the Brooklyn area, on the beach and other local environs, the movie is slow, intimate and almost silently observational but eventually its impact builds as this motherless lonely young girl seeks connection via sex with an older guy.

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Charlie Haden to recieve a Grammy Lifetime Acchievement Award

January 29, 2013
LA Times
The article also appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

Jazz bass legend Charlie Haden yearns to perform again

By Howard Reich

The revered jazz bassist Charlie Haden hopes he can give a brief speech when he picks up his Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy the day before the Grammys are broadcast on Feb. 10.

But Haden sometimes has difficulty speaking, and his energy level isn't what it used to be. He hasn't eaten solid food in about two years, he says, and he has considerable difficulty swallowing.

These symptoms, and others, have been caused by the onset of post-polio syndrome at the end of 2010, and they have dramatically altered Haden's life – and denied the rest of us the pleasure of basking in the warm glow of his music live.

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CalArts cited in artical on recent art fair Art L.A. Contemporary

January 28, 2013
Gallerist NY - Observer

Fair Weather in Los Angeles: Making the Rounds at Art L.A. Contemporary

By: Susan Michals

“I’m kind of obsessed with it.”

Actor Emile Hirsch wasn’t talking about Sundance—he’d already been there, done that by last Thursday night when, along with throngs of other well-heeled Angelenos, he arrived at Santa Monica’s Barker Hanger for the art fair Art L.A. Contemporary (ALAC). He was talking about ALAC, and his attitude reflected that of a lot of attendees. The event seems to have caught on.

Now in its fourth year, the fair, which ran through Sunday, has jumped out of its awkward tweens (see 2011), zipped through its adolescence (2012—see our report here) and emerged this year as a savvy, well-rounded adult.

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Alumnus Glen Keane presents animation demo at CalArts

January 26, 2013
Cartoon Brew

How-To: Glen Keane Animates A Dance

By: Amid Amidi

Glen Keane presented an animation demo at CalArts last weekend. Part of his talk, in which he animates a dance, was captured on video and posted online.

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