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Portfolio Development Workshop for Artists & Animators

Course Dates: September 29 to November 28, 2014
Instructor: John Mahoney
Tuition: $1,000 USD
Application Deadline: September 26, 2014 (space is limited; applications accepted starting September 1)

Why should I take this class?

CalArts' Portfolio Development Workshop for Artists & Animators is an eight-week online intensive designed to help you explore concept design and visual development for animation, and enhance your application portfolio for college animation programs. Participation in this workshop does not imply an admissions advantage to CalArts or any other institution.

In this workshop a CalArts Animation faculty member will lead you through exercises and critiques to coach you on what kind of content makes an effective animation portfolio. The focus here is less on making perfect drawings and more on giving you an open arena to explore and learn to love drawing while broadening creative ideation and output.

How does this class work?

The course is supported on Tenlegs, a networking site and collaboration space for artists, which gives you immediate access to a peer group of like-minded artists for feedback and exchange, and can continue on the platform after the class has ended.

Each week, the instructor will introduce different illustration styles and examples from films to inspire new work and teach you about visual composition and storytelling. Weekly assignments based on these resources give you the opportunity to produce exaggerated character designs that can be used as concepts for future animations, 3D models, graphic novel ideas, and gallery work. You will work on your assignments on your own time and upload them to the class module on Tenlegs by a set deadline. At the end of the week, the instructor will give you direct feedback on submitted assignments with a video critique.

What do I need to do to take this class?

1. Apply
Enrollment in this workshop is based on the instructor's review of your current work. Submit five examples of drawings or paintings as digital image files (JPG only, 72 dpi, longest side 1000 pixels maximum) to extension@calarts.edu by the application deadline listed above. You are highly encouraged to include life drawing examples as part of your application.

Note: You must be 14 years old or older to take part in this workshop.

2. Register and pay
If accepted, you will be sent an email with a link to register and payment instructions.

3. Sign up for Tenlegs
To access the online classroom and participate in critiques, students need to set up a user profile/account on Tenlegs. There is no additional cost to set up an account.

4. Check technical capabilities and purchase materials
For your work in this class, you will also need the following:

Technical capabilities

  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Scanner or decent digital camera (uploaded images need to be at least 72 dpi, and measure at least 1000 pixels on their longest side)
  • Adobe Photoshop is a plus, but not essential

Art and drawing supplies

  • Drawing pens (no ballpoint pens; no pencils or erasers)
  • A sketchbook
  • A pad of large drawing paper
  • Any small watercolor set
  • A bottle of water proof black or India ink
  • Two paint brushes suitable for watercolors or ink: one small, one medium size
  • Chalk pastels (optional)
  • A three-ring binder with 100 plastic sleeves
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